iniesta's methodology

INIESTA'S METHODOLOGY is an Integral Training Program designed on the base of experience of a worldwide reference in the field of football as Andrés Iniesta.

Its creation responds to Andres’ passion for Football Coaching and to the sensitivity for personal values that can be transmitted to young people through football and other team sports.

The method is based on the idea of instilling this passion for playing, a healthy way of understanding sports and the internalization of behaviors that can be projected to all vital levels of our young participants.


INIESTA'S METHODOLOGY counts on a Multidisciplinary Management team, with a wide knowledge and experience in different fields of high level professional football and the direction and management of its young teams.

Emili Ricart

emili ricart

Project director

Javi Perez

javi perez

Technical director

Carlos Arean

carlos arean

Managing director

At the same time, we have a significant number of coaches and teaching staff, with a recognized coaching training for national and international youngsters. All of them, with sport related university education or training and UEFA-PRO qualification. Training and selection were carried out by the management team of INIESTA'S METHODOLOGY to ensure that all our technicians respond to the quality standards we represent.